Artist Statement


Painting is living. I cannot be without life. In the process of creation, I cannot hide. When I paint, everything becomes very intense. It’s just me and my art as the outside world fades away ceasing to matter anymore. Painting isn’t just a passion, it’s a way of life, it’s my raison d’être.This is my calling……
I do not care about trends or fashionable art. I don’t hunt success or paint for success. I paint for me. I do not pretend to be anyone but myself. I know my real value.
From the first moment I chose to be an artist I assumed the risk of being a John Doe for the rest of my life; but I also realized that I owe it to myself to be honest and true. I paint because expressing my inner world is more important than satisfying the outer world. Maybe I am not what one could call a popular artist, but I believe in my purpose and my purpose is to bring brilliance with every new piece of art I conceive.
When I develop a project I like it to be clearly structured, concise and well documented. I do a lot of sketches using various tools and techniques to better define and depict what my piece will become. I can visualize the painting before it exists. With every new project, I see improvements in my technical execution and in the way I perceive the subject matter. There are exciting changes in the way that I interact with my work. I love challenges and exceeding previous expectations is why I strive to do so with each new piece in concept as well as technique.
All of my paintings have their rightful place in my artistic evolution. I choose the human being as my theme and/or subject matter. I like the process of introspection that generates when working with the human being. Like the masters of ancient times, I work with symbols to provoke my observers.
This is my calling and I am being called right now to create.
Thank you!

Elena Andrei, Bucharest 
September 2009